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article imageGoPro falls from plane, lands intact, records pig pen

By Michael Thomas     Feb 12, 2014 in Internet
Call it the best unintentional GoPro commercial ever made — several months ago, one of the versatile cameras fell a few thousand feet out of the plane, remained intact and continued to record its new surroundings, a pig pen.
The video made its way to YouTube after Mia Munselle found the camera on her property in Cloverdale, Calif., as Time reports. Munselle apparently found the camera eight months after it fell out of the plane, which was carrying skydivers,
The video has already reached well over 1 million views. The video is a little dizzying to watch, as the camera spends about half the video spinning in mid-air before finally landing lens-up in the pig pen. At that point, a curious pig begins to sniff and almost eat it, giving viewers a unique look into the pig's mouth.
While some have speculated that the video might have been a GoPro PR stunt, skydiver Clif Jordan confirmed that the camera did indeed fall out of his plane. The camera was attached to another skydiver's helmet, but came loose and fell when the diver stuck his head out the window.
The video proves at the very least that the GoPro camera is a pretty durable product. The cameras have gone everywhere from space to the bottom of the ocean.
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