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article imageTechnology shapes cannabidiol oil industry in a variety of ways

By Tim Sandle     Jul 14, 2019 in Technology
With the cannabis sector being subjected to large growth and considerable investment, it’s perhaps no surprise that technology developers are taking an interest in how new platforms and devices can disrupt production and distribution.
In 2019, cannabidiol sales are heading for 813.2 million dollars in the U.S., and this number is expected to rise further. This growth leads to new complexities as to how wondering about how cannabis is cultivated, bought, and sold. This is especially interesting in the modern age as technology and advancements in the technology field are changing the cannabis industry rapidly.
Since the demand for cannabidiol oil is growing, technologies are being developed which focus on cultivation. Such technologies are intended to make the strain of hemp grow more quickly, thereby making sure that there is sufficient oil to meet demand. There remains a considerable amount for agriculturalists to learn about the technology for sowing seeds.
To achieve better strains, several breeding companies are linking up with universities to apply the latest research and science techniques to improve hemp varieties. Most of the formulated seeds are developed through genetic engineering methods, to achieve high cannabinoid hemp varieties. These seeds generally require germination in a greenhouse before planting outside.
Technology is also used when cultivating cannabidiol oil to make it stronger. When someone ingests cannabidiol, their body only takes about 10 percent of the chemicals that are in the hemp that farmers grow. To make cannabidiol oil stronger, companies have been encapsulating the chemicals that promote relaxation and pain relief using water. When these molecules are processed, they can bypass the cell's membrane that filters out parts of the compound. This avoids losing so much of the cannabidiol oil when the molecules pass through.
Also with formulation, Chinese firm Hanyi Bio-tech has developed a technology to increase the water-solubility of cannabidiol, and aims to expand its application into a range of health food and supplement products.
Technology is rapidly changing the way that the cannabidiol industry advertises its products. From Facebook to Twitter to Tumblr, there are a variety of places that cultivators and sellers can market cannabidiol oil products. In addition, email is still a competent digital marketing tactic.
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