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article imageReview: Three alternative charging products for Apple devices Special

By Tim Sandle     Jun 9, 2019 in Technology
Most technology suppliers create the impression that you need to buy 'official' chargers to work with particular products, to secure sales of hardware. However, there are many good quality alternative products available. Three are reviewed here.
A new generation of USB chargers are now allowed by regulators, legislators and tested out by consumer organizations which enable the re-use of charging equipment to the same level (as sometimes better) than the official products supplied by manufacturers. Three such products are reviewed here.
The first products is the Choetech USB C to Lightning Cable, which is Apple MFi certified and can preform charging and syncing functions for devices like the iPhone XR / XS/ XS Max. The cable comes with an authorization chip issued by Apple, which provides complete compatibility with Apple devices.
Choetech USB C to Lightning Cable  outer packaging.
Choetech USB C to Lightning Cable, outer packaging.
The cable directly connects to iPhone devices via either USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 enabled computers, and it works rapidly in keeping with other plug and play functionality. USB-C cables are being increasingly adopted since they can carry significantly more power, and they are also able to charge larger devices like laptops. Thunderbolt 3 is a new connectivity standard from Intel. Thunderbolt 3 combines Thunderbolt, USB, DisplayPort and power via a single USB-C connector.
Choetech USB C to Lightning Cable  inner packaging with cable.
Choetech USB C to Lightning Cable, inner packaging with cable.
Trying out the Choetech USB C the cable worked very fast with an iPhone, which may reflect the internal copper core, whciuh has been configured to deliver speed of up to 480mbps. The cable is also of a good length, stretching to 2000 milimeters. The PVC coat is waterproof and it appears hardy. The retail price is $15 to $20.
PD1C18W 18W Power Delivery Type-C Wall Charger  outer box.
PD1C18W 18W Power Delivery Type-C Wall Charger, outer box.
The second product is the Choeterch PD1C18W 18W Power Delivery Type-C Wall Charger. This is a USB Type-C charger which delivers up to 18W of power with USB Power Delivery specification for charging a range of devices, such as the iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / iPhone X / Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus; as well as Nintendo, Google, Nexus, Lumia and Nokia 8 devices.
PD1C18W 18W Power Delivery Type-C Wall Charger.
PD1C18W 18W Power Delivery Type-C Wall Charger.
A useful feature is in-built protection against over-current, over-voltage, overheating and short circuit. While the plug works with many devices, it is best used with USB-C smartphones that support PD function. The plug retails for around $15.
The third product reviewed is the uGreen magnetic charging module, which is designed for use with the Apple Watch. The charger works with the first three series of the Apple Watch. The device is light-weight and portable, which is especially useful for traveling.
UGREEN Portable Charger for Apple Watch  outer box.
UGREEN Portable Charger for Apple Watch, outer box.
In terms of specification, with the module has a 2200mAh power capacity. The module itself looks like a pill-shaped USB stick. It comes with a USB-A plug on one side, which provides connectivity to a MacBook, USB charger or another USB device. All the user needs to do is to place their Apple Watch on the magnetic surface and this initiates the charging process. The charging time is around two hours.
UGREEN Portable Charger for Apple Watch.
UGREEN Portable Charger for Apple Watch.
Each of the three products provide alternatives to the charging devices which come with branded products and have equal or superior functionality, and they provide suitable replacement or additional charging devices.
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