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article imageNew e-glasses monitor health and protect eyes

By Tim Sandle     Jun 10, 2020 in Technology
Technologists have developed a new type of multifunctional electronic glasses that have the capability to monitor health, as well as protecting the eyes. The e-glasses can even control video games.
Smart devices continue to grow in popularity, with various fitness tracker bracelets and watches selling in high volumes. Eyewear, dating back to Google Glass and other variants, has, in contrast, only shown relatively slow growth. This could be about to change with the development of new e-glasses, which aim to provide more detailed information about the health of the wearer.
The new technology can monitor a person's brain waves and body movements. In addition, the technology has the capability to function as sunglasses, which alter according to the amount of light directed at the glass. For gamers, there is also the ability to control actions within a video game through certain eye motions.
The 3D printed glasses measure electrical signals from the brain (electroencephalogram) or from the eyes (electrooculogram). Through such measurements it is possible to diagnose conditions such as epilepsy and sleep disorders. Furthermore, it is possible to control computers in terms of human-machine interfaces.
To achieve the ability to record vital health measurements, researchers succeeded in integrating soft, conductive electrodes into e-glasses. These glasses can wirelessly monitor brain and eye signals, as well as ultraviolet light intensity, plus certain body movements or postures.
The e-glasses contain flexible electrodes located near to the ears and the eyes. There is also a wireless circuit which detects motion, and another sensor for ultraviolet light sensing located on the side of the glasses. Furthermore, there is a ultraviolet light responsive, color-adjustable gel inside the lenses. The smart electronic glasses could turn out to be of great value for digital healthcare or virtual reality applications.
The development of the e-glasses has been reported to the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. The research paper is titled "3D Printed, Customizable, and Multifunctional Smart Electronic Eyeglasses for Wearable Healthcare Systems and Human–Machine Interfaces."
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