Just a wee drop Doris!

Posted Jan 25, 2007 by Viga Boland

I'll just have a wee drop Doris. Just a tad in this tiny plastic glass please...
And that tiny sip, about 7ml., is worth about $640 without the glass if it's a $68,000 bottle of Scotch.
$68,000!! For me, since I hate whisky of any kind, that's hard to swallow. I can't imagine anyone paying that for a bottle of Scotch. But apparently someone will since there are only 12 bottles of this rare scotch to be had anywhere.
Why is it so rare? It's a blend of "the four years in which the components of the world's most expensive whisky were distilled." Those years were 1868, 1878, 1926 and 1939.
That Scotch comes from the Dalmore Distillery up in the highlands of Scotland (I guess) and yesterday a master blender came to Hamilton with a bottle of the Scotch to share with several senior employees of one of our liquor stores. Clad in the typical kilt, he instructed the lucky select few to ""Hold it on your tongue, now under your tongue, now on the back of your tongue," and according to the reporter,
"The whisky exploded in a display of flavours, impressing the olfactory nerve as much as the taste buds. It had an oily feel and was vibrant. Thoughts of toasted coconut came to mind, then the senses really kicked in -- tangerines, thick marmalade, lemon drops, hot toast, vanilla, licorice, wood smoke, peat, pecans, toffee, malted milk, even a bit of pretty aromatic bath soap."
Bath soap?!! At $68,000 a bottle I think I'll pass. But the reporter said he's taking the plastic glass home never to be washed, but to be stowed in his liquor cabinet.
Hey, maybe he could auction the plastic glass on Ebay...for the smell alone! After all, isn't that where they auction pieces of toast with sacred images burned into them etc.