How Jacked up my System.

Posted Jan 20, 2007 by Empath has been around since 1991, via Starz Entertainment (who's telephone number I could not find) and offers PC users the opportunity to have important computer files forever scrambled and malfunctioning, all for the pleasure/convenience of a movie.
I did locate a number for Media Representative Michelle Ellis at 720.852.6269. Great. I'll just spring for the cost of a call which will lead nowhere, I am sure.
Download the software for free.
That's just what I did.
I had received a free month because of a recent computer upgrade. "Sweet!" I thought. A free month of movies for free. So, I downloaded the software and was just getting to the end when a, "Feel free to give us your credit card," page manifested. "No, thanks." I said out loud and proceeded to delete the software. Hence, my troubles.
I did actually (finally) get the software to delete, only to have some programs not deletable (from the Control Panel) because of a registry re-write..I think...I am not a computer expert.
My problem? My computer was one month old. A newborn in our electronics age when, "Along Came Vongo," altered the use of my new baby.
Do yourself a favor, do NOT try unless you enjoy a huge, hard-drive altering challenge.
The worst part? There were other (very unpleasant) changes to my new computer and her precious once-pristine files that vongo's software has changed for the worst, forever. Not being an expert in such matters, I lack appropriate verbiage to express my woes.