Apple & TiVo Partner for iTV?

Posted Dec 7, 2006 by Chris Hogg
"I'm going to disclaim this upfront as a wild rumor that just landed in my inbox," Matt Haughey writes in his blog. "I'd wager it's got about a 25% chance of being true but hey, I'd love to be wrong on it and see what launches next month at Macworld San Francisco."
It's a rumour that started on, but Apple fans love any potential news that spills out before the company's big event in San Fran in January.
The rumour is: Apple will be licensing TiVo patented technology for iTV, and the the name iTV has changed to "Mac Media Capsule."
In his blog post, Haughey says he looked for evidence indicating it could be true and in the pending Apple and TiVo patent applications owned by Apple, there is only one that mentions TiVo and it's regarding buying an entire TV season at the iTunes store. He also mentions that TiVo hired Mac programmers last summer, but that could have just been for TiVo Desktop support. No real evidence.
But Apple is notoriously secretive, and many rumours turn out to be correct. Do you think 2007 will see a TiVo Apple partnership?
(Here is the PVR blog post)