James More talks developing new magic skills during the pandemic Special

Posted Apr 30, 2020 by Markos Papadatos
World-renowned British magician James More chatted with Digital Journal while quarantined in Portugal during the COVID-19 pandemic. He underscored that this is a good time to hone new skills in his craft.
Magician James More
Magician James More
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He is currently one of the world’s leading and most viral illusionists. More propelled to global fame after an incredible run on Britain's Got Talent in 2013, where his audition was one of the most-watched with over 100 million YouTube views.
A native of England, More continued to make waves after a sell-out tour in Russia with his "Theatre of Illusion" show and he was subsequently approached by the world's largest touring magic show The Illusionists. After performing with The Illusionists for over two years in five continents around the world, he made history to become the first British magician to perform on New York's Broadway stage. His live magic set in New York garnered a rave review from Digital Journal.
"In 2018, we launched 'Now You See Me,' which is the stage version of the movie. It was very successful over in China," he said. "The plan was to take the show to Singapore, then re-introduce it to China, and to eventually bring it over to the western world, but the pandemic happened. Now, we have to find new ways to reach an audience and we can do that online. It's a great time to create new material and learn new skills. I am learning so much here in Portugal, where I am honing my coin magic skills."
"I think it's essential to still be productive," he said. "The longer that this pandemic goes on for, the longer we can't sit and watch Netflix all day. We need to do what we can in the 'new world' that we are living in now, and we need to adapt with the times."
"You can reach people with online, interactive magic with tricks over the Internet," he said.
Speaking of interactive magic, people and magic fans can try this neat magic trick at home (on their computer screens), which James More does and it involves dogs:
One day, he noted that he would be open to making his own magic kits as well. "At the moment, I am developing my sleight of hand since that's something I wouldn't normally be able to do while I am out on tour. It is important to explore these other areas of magic," he said. "While I miss touring, I am developing skills in other areas, and I am fascinated to see what develops actually. It's important to keep busy and to keep the mind strong."
During this pandemic, aside from magic, he shared that he has been catching up watching Derren Brown specials. "It is amazing to watch Derren Brown's progression from when he started. The level of layering is just mind-blowing," he said, praising the distinguished mentalist.
More's fast-growing reputation has earned him guest appearance on NBC's America's Got Talent, a special on Got Talent World Stage, among many other TV appearances, including Ellen. He has performed at such hallowed venues as London's 02 Arena, The Hollywood Pantages in Los Angeles, the Neil Simon Theatre in Manhattan, as well as the Sydney Opera House, among others. More is also a member of The Inner Magic Circle (Gold Star).
He offered the following inspirational message for people during the COVID-19 pandemic: "It's important to stay creative and try to think of new ways to reach people such as online, which seems to be the best way at the moment. Use your time productively. Hone skills that you normally wouldn't be working on, take a step back, and look at other areas of performance and be critical of yourself. See what you need to work on and what you need to strengthen and use the time to do that," More said.
More's steel illusion may be seen below:
To learn more about acclaimed British magician James More, check out his official website and his Facebook page, and follow him on Instagram.
Magician James More
Magician James More
Ana Dias Photography