The first commercially-available diesel motorcycle

Posted Nov 20, 2006 by bobSP

The Trackstar T-800CDI is being produced by E.V.A. Products BV Holland and uses the 800cc three cylinder Daimler Chrysler diesel engine used in the smart fortwo diesel, military UAVs and marine applications, matching it with a CVT, frame, driveshaft, etc.
The engine uses a turbocharged intercooled Commonrail direct injection engine and produces a brutal 150Nm of torque - more than anything on the road I. It comes with three pre-programmed ECU settings enabling it to be switched to run on 100% Pure Plant Oil (such as sunflower oil) or into a highly efficient but lower power diesel economy mode. E.V.A. CEO Erik Vegt describes the bike as a “BMW GS killer with KTM LC8 drivability and Suzuki Hayabusa-like torque.” “It’s the ultimate long distance and long life motorcycle that can run on diesel fuel or 100% pure plant oil,” says Vegt.
“This week we sold 15 bikes and production is on its way for the first 250 to 500 units that will be sold within the next 2 years. Unfortunately, requests on this bike will probably exceed the production level for some time to come as we have received more than 2000 purchase requests already,” Vegt told Gizmag. “For now we will only target the EU market, but we have already appointed a U.S. distributor which will be announced in 2007.”
With diesel fuels usually costing less than that of regular gasoline, this could make the already-cheap-to-run motorcycles even cheaper...makes you think about buying one ;).