Op-Ed: Mike DelGuidice of Big Shot is Long Island's Man of the Year 2019

Posted Dec 16, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
Long Island singer-songwriter Mike DelGuidice of the Billy Joel tribute group, Big Shot, and from Billy Joel's band is Long Island's "Man of the Year" in music for the fourth consecutive year.
Mike DelGuidice of Big Shot
Mike DelGuidice of Big Shot
Gary Hahn Photography
In 2019, he celebrated a big milestone, being a member of Billy Joel's live band for the sixth year. They perform one show a month at the "World's Most Famous Arena" Madison Square Garden, as part of his residency. One of the highlights each evening is when DelGuidice belts out the operatic classic "Nessun Dorma," while the "Piano Man" accompanies him on piano.
This year was also huge for DelGuidice for his solo music. He released his music video for his love ballad, "Mona Lisa," where acclaimed comedian Kevin James (Kevin Can Wait and King of Queens) is featured in it in the lead male role.
DelGuidice also paid a tribute to the late Long Island musician Mason Swearingen of the Chicago cover band Beginnings, where DelGuidice played bass and sang the lead vocals at a show at Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall this past October.
Mike DelGuidice proves that he is one very versatile artist, who can tackle any classic rock act and do them justice. He is also a gifted solo singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist in his own right. Congratulations are in order for DelGuidice on all of his achievements, and hopefully, there will be many more to come in 2020.
To learn more about Mike DelGuidice of Big Shot and their music, check out his official website.