Jagwar Twin talks 'Subject To Flooding,' 'Loser' and technology Special

Posted Sep 23, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
Rising Atlantic artist Jagwar Twin chatted with Digital Journal about his album "Subject to Flooding," as well as his song "Loser," and he spoke about how he uses technology in his daily routine as a musician.
Jagwar Twin
Jagwar Twin
Josh Hubberman
On the song selection approach for Subject to Flooding, he said, "We recorded the album in a bunch of different countries and so I think what ultimately ended up on the album were songs that reflected the current state of the world and where it’s going."
He listed "Move To You" as his personal favorite tune on the album. "It is really special to me. I recorded the vocals in Florence, Italy and Joshua Tree, CA. It's a prayer to and from the universe. Sometimes we feel lost but we never really are. I felt so lost when I wrote 'Move To You.' I felt like I was never going to 'make it' in music and I felt crazy for still trying after so many years," he said.
"Then I realized I was never lost, I was learning what I needed to learn on the exact timeline I needed to be on. Everyone's path looks different, but every path eventually leads to the same place. There is no beginning and no end it's just a circle. I feel the circle every time we play it live and hear the crowd singing it back," he said.
When asked how "Loser" come about, he said, "I was bullied growing up and always felt like a loser in the old sense of the word. The older kids even made a blog site devoted to making fun of how bad of a singer I was. At a certain point, I realized that we all feel like losers sometimes. We're all weird and unique in our own ways and it's time we embrace that and come together."
On his use of technology in his daily routine as an artist, he said, "Voice notes, laptop, and some headphones are all you need. Technology is cool because it allows you to go out and record anywhere easily."
Jagwar Twin listed The Rolling Stones and Coldplay as his dream collaboration choices. "Bowie would have been amazing too," he said.
He considers it a blessing to be touring with Avril Lavigne. "Avril has inspired so many young people around the world to be themselves and be true to themselves. She's been so kind and warm to me. We even got tattooed together and skateboarded around Beverly Hills before the tour started," he said.
On being an artist in this digital age, he responded, "How did it feel to be an artist in the analog age? I don't know if anything feels normal as an artist."
For his fans, he concluded about his new music, " If you get it, you get it."
Subject To Flooding is available on Apple Music.
To learn more about Jagwar Twin, check out his official website.