Review: Chris Mann makes some 'Noise' with new single Special

Posted Apr 29, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
On April 12, singer-songwriter Chris Mann (of "The Voice" fame) released his new single "Noise!" independently. Digital Journal has the scoop.
Chris Mann
Chris Mann
Jesse Giddings
The song was co-penned by Mann, as well as Willy Beaman and Scott Simons. It is the title track of his forthcoming studio album, Noise!. The single is funky and upbeat, with a neat groove to it; moreover, it is a song that will inspire people to stomp their feet and clap their hands.
"Noise!" by Chris Mann is available on iTunes and on Spotify.
Mann was a part of the 25th anniversary tour of The Phantom of the Opera, where he was cast by British theatrical producer Cameron Mackintosh and distinguished composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. Mann sported the iconic "mask" for well over 700 shows.
The Verdict
Overall, "Noise!" is a tune that proves that Mann can constantly reinvent himself as a recording artist, and he does it well. He manages to keep his music fresh, current and relevant. "Noise!" showcases a different side to his artistry. This song garners 4.5 out of 5 stars.
To learn more about Chris Mann and his music, check out his official website and his Facebook page.