Inika McPherson talks high jump, future goals and technology Special

Posted Jan 20, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
American high jumper Inika McPherson chatted with Digital Journal. The Olympian spoke about her future goals, and how technology has impacted track and field.
American high jumper Inika McPherson
American high jumper Inika McPherson
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On her plans for 2019, McPherson said, "My goal is to jump the American records outdoors, which I am pretty confident about. I also want to make the Panamerican team, and the World Championships at the end of the year."
Each day, she is motivated simply by waking up and working towards her dreams and passion. "I want to show other athletes that are my height (five feet and four inches) that they can do what I do," she said. "I want to inspire others and to have an influence on the youth. I want to help out my godchild and my family."
For young and aspiring high jumpers, she said, "There will be bumps on the road. Don't let anything stop you, as long as you have that fire and desire within you, you can make anything happen."
If she weren't a high jumper, she shared that she would love to do the long jump and the triple jump.
Digital transformation of track and field
On the impact of technology on track and field, McPherson said, "I love technology. That's the way of the future. Being able to calculate how much power output you've been putting out as far as when you are in the weight room, and being able to calculate the speed, velocities, and biokinetics is really great. I love having conversations with people that do those studies. I learn so much more, quicker. I feel that it's a good collaboration."
Regarding her use of technology, she revealed that she uses the app Push Training. "You put the technology on you, and it tells you your power output. It helps you advance yourself," she said. "I use this technology as an advantage to help me jump the American record. I am excited about it."
At the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, McPherson finished in 10th place with a clearance of 1.93 meters. She finished in seventh place at the 2018 IAAF World Indoor Championships in Birmingham.
For her fans and supporters, McPherson said, "Thank you for supporting me through my whole career. I have nothing but love for the fans. They can follow my journey on Instagram."
McPherson defined the word success as "putting out a goal and doing everything in your power to getting that goal accomplished."
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