Review: Harper Grae delivers on 'Monster' country single and video Special

Posted Nov 11, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
Rising country singer-songwriter Harper Grae has released her new music video for her single "Monster." The song was released via Grae Area Records.
Harper Grae
Harper Grae
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Her breathy vocals on "Monster" are pure as the driven snow. It is the second track featured on her latest four-track studio offering, Buck Moon Medleys.
The song starts in an acoustic fashion, and it builds up into a neat mid-tempo tune. Grae's storytelling ability is evident throughout. The control that Grae maintains over her voice throughout this song is quite remarkable.
Country Music Television (CMT) added Grae's music video for "Monster" to its main channel. The video for "Monster" may be seen on the official CMT website by clicking here.
Grae co-produced and co-directed the music video with two of her friends, Shelley Steel and Kim Neumann.
"Monster" is available on iTunes.
The Verdict
Overall, "Monster" by Harper Grae is one of her best songs to date. She has been consistently good with the choice of songs that she has released as singles. "Monster" garners two thumbs up.
For more information on emerging country sensation Harper Grae and "Monster," check out her official website.