Review: Aubrey Wollett stuns on new 'Saltwater Gypsy' song and video Special

Posted Oct 7, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
Country singer-songwriter Aubrey Wollett has released her stunning new music video for her sultry song "Saltwater Gypsy."
Aubrey Wollett
Aubrey Wollett
Dustin Williams
"You wanna be a beach bum, come and get you some, salt on your skin like a margarita, so good on your tongue, down by the water where life is sweeter," Wollett sings, in the chorus.
Her song's nonchalant music video was directed by Jeffrey Singer, and it is worth more than just a passing glance. It has a mellow, laid-back vibe to it.
Wollett's crisp, crystalline vocals are reminiscent of such songstresses as Ashley Monroe meets Colbie Caillat, and that ought to be taken as compliment.
"Saltwater Gypsy" is available on iTunes and on Spotify.
The Verdict
Overall, Aubrey Wollett shines with her pleasant new music video for "Saltwater Gypsy." She showcases a great deal of charm and potential. Grab a bottle of wine, and let Wollett lure you in. The song and its music video earn an A rating.
To learn more about rising country songstress Aubrey Wollett, check out her official website and Facebook page.