Hippie Sabotage talks Electric Zoo, fans and Kendrick Lamar Special

Posted Sep 2, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
Electronic duo Hippie Sabotage chatted with Digital Journal about performing at "Electric Zoo: The Big 10" at the festival's Riverside stage.
Hippie Sabotage
Hippie Sabotage
Hippie Sabotage, Listen Up Music
Hippie Sabotage is made up of brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer. On being at Electric Zoo, Kevin said, "This is fantastic. It's our first time here, and it's the 10th anniversary. It's amazing."
Kevin is drawn to electronic music since it is very "multi-genre" friendly. "It allows a large space if you are a creator like us," they said.
They thanked their fans for supporting them over the past five years. "Their support truly means everything. Continue to be awesome and be you. Keep it awesome," Jeff said.
Digital transformation of electronic music
On the impact of technology on electronic music, Jeff said, "Technology has changed everything from the way music is consumed to the way it is created. We still remember and laugh about the hip-hop debate of whether you can make beats on a computer or an MPC in general, and now all you need is a computer in general."
Kevin acknowledged that "technology has allowed anybody to do everything themselves." "Our lives revolve around technology, and the music is created by technology," Kevin said. "I write a lot of my music ideas on the computer," he added, while Jeff noted that he is more of a "Notes" kind of guy.
Hippie Sabotage listed Kendrick Lamas and J. Cole as their dream collaboration choices in music. "Kendrick is amazing," they concurred.
To learn more about electronic duo Hippie Sabotage, check out their official website and their Instagram page.