Review: Jorgos mesmerizes on 'Greece Got Talent' finale magic performance Special

Posted Jan 4, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
World renowned magician Jorgos Pampoukidis gave an amazing performance on the finale of "Greece Got Talent" with his exceptional magic show.
Magician Jorgos
Magician Jorgos
supplied by Jorgos
Jorgos' performance on the Greece Got Talent finale was pure poetry, and utterly fantastic. One could feel the emotion and the passion for his craft. It felt like an opening scene of the Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia. He blew everybody away when he was able to make his female assistant, Heidi, float and subsequently spin in mid-air, in a jaw-dropping performance that involved a water fountain. Jorgos was able to transport his audience back to a simpler time.
Following his well-received magic performance, Jorgos gave an emotional speech about dreams. "Everybody is entitled to dreams," he said. "For many, dreams become a reality, as long as they believe in them. For others, dreams stay dreams."
Jorgos told the Greece Got Talent audience, "Dreams give us hope and strength. I hope your dreams become a reality!"
His audition and his semi-finals performances on Greece Got Talent both garnered favorable reviews from Digital Journal, and rightfully so.
To learn more about internationally recognized magician Jorgos, check out his official website.