New cloud consulting service for digital transformation

Posted Jan 1, 2018 by Tim Sandle
Box Consulting has launched a new service called Box Transform. The aim of the service is to assist companies with their digital transformation journey.
Microsoft and Jamf are partnering in the name of enterprise mobility and interoperability
Microsoft and Jamf are partnering in the name of enterprise mobility and interoperability
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The focus of Box Transform is to aid companies in accelerating their digital transformation process, utilizing Box's professional services team and a range of Box products. On its website Box said that it's new Transform service is a "white-glove program"; this means that customers who enlist are assigned their own dedicated consultant who will help each customer through the cloud content management and with a view to assisting with a redesign of business processes.
The Box development is a further signal to the importance of companies maintaining good customer services in 2018 and improving upon services in order to be maintain competitiveness. Key to the competitive strategy is digital transformation. This includes automation, where an advantage with automated means an increased ability to provide service 24-hours a day.
Transformation often requires a new paradigm and sometimes a different approach. This includes asking "why?", as with "why do customers use our services?" The “why” of optimizing the customer experience goes beyond considering just "what?" and "how?", since satisfied and returning customers are good business. Understanding this requires good data, collected in real-time. From this a further development rests on whether businesses can predict what their customers need before they know they need it?
Discussing the move further, Box COO Stephanie Carullo told Tech Republic: "Box Transform ensures that customers can leverage their content to generate strategic insights, automate processes, and ultimately accelerate innovation."
So what is the new Transform service? It is intended to be a mechanism whereby customers can move towards a paperless strategy and digitize many business and administrative processes (the 'transform' element). The pace of the transformation can be tailored towards individual customers, in phases that are termed 'sprints'. Iterative sprints include phases of planning, execution and retrospection.
Later in 2018 the company will add 'Box Skills', which provides provides machine learning capabilities for Box content, allowing each customer to gain big data insights and to use predictive analytics.