Review: Sam Sam But Different charming on Tom Petty's 'Free Fallin' Special

Posted Dec 30, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Australian duo Sam Sam But Different delight on their acoustic cover of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'." They are joined with Sarah De Bono.
Sam Sam But Different
Sam Sam But Different
Sam Sam But Different
Sam Ludeman kicks off the song in a soothing acoustic fashion, and all three vocalists (Ludeman, Sam Russell and Sarah De Bono) soar thanks to their glorious harmonies. It is a controlled and delicate vocal performance. They also personalize the opening lyrics to Australia, which is an added treat. They arranged it in the style of John Mayer.
More of their music videos are available on their official YouTube channel.
The Verdict
Overall, Sam Sam But Different delivers on the Tom Petty classic "Free Fallin'." They sing with so much heart and passion, and they are both gifted musicians in their own right. They epitomize the best that the contemporary Australian music scene has to offer. Their music is infectious, and well worth more than a passing glance. Sarah De Bono is fabulous too. Hopefully, there will be more original songs to come from there in the neat future. This version of "Free Fallin'" garners an A rating.
To learn more about Sam Ludeman, check out his official website.
For more information on the musical duo Sam Sam But Different, check out their Facebook page.