Several minimalist phones available for niche market

Posted Nov 7, 2017 by Ken Hanly
While Apple may launch iPhones that have more and more functions, several new phones are designed to do less and cost less. They will serve those who want only a basic phone with no bells and whistles or higher costs.
Nokia 105
Nokia 105
HMD Global
FutureModel is the company that intends to release the aptly named Niche-Phone-S later in November.
The company has designed a phone for a niche market perhaps evoking nostalgia for a simpler, cheaper time as far as phones are concerned.
The phone runs Android but is confined mostly to making calls, sending text, and streaming music. The phone is shaped much like a credit card. It looks a bit like an odd calculator.
A report by Engadget Japan has some photos of the phone, but the text is in Japanese. The phone is set to be launched in Japan on November 10th, priced at around $95.
The OS is Android 4.2. You will be able to record voice memos, play back music and also connect to Bluetooth headsets.
Light Phone
The Light Phone came out earlier in 2017. It has even fewer functions than the NichePhone-S. It makes phone calls and stores phone numbers and also tells the time.
The phone cannot text, connect to Bluetooth or use any apps.
The Light Phone has an unlocked SIM card. It operates on a 2G GSM network. Users pay $5 a month for the service.
The phone was launched on Kickstarter in 2015. The first batch of phones were shipped to backers back in January. of this year.
The battery should last three days in standby mode. It comes in only black and white.
Revamped Nokia 3310
This classic Nokia was discussed in a recent Digital Journal article. The original version was released back in late 2000. The new revamped model was to be released in the U.S. the end of last month.
The new version will cost only about sixty dollars. Although not equivalent to a smart phone the classic can carry out basic functions at a reasonable price.
Nokia 105 and 130
These "dumb phones" are marketed by HMD Global under the Nokia label. These phones are aimed at emerging markets where people cannot afford costly smart phones.
The Nokia 105 costs $14.50 for the single SIM type and $15 for the dual version. The Nokia 130 is priced at $21.50. Battery charge lasts up to a month!
The phones were discussed in a Digital Journal article earlier this year.