Electro pop artist Carl Gershon talks 'Like Paradise,' future Special

Posted Aug 1, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Electro pop artist Carl Gershon chatted with Digital Journal about his new single "Like Paradise" and the digital transformation of the music industry.
Carl Gershon
Carl Gershon
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On his song "Like Paradise," he said, "I actually had come up with the main synth part years ago when i was messing around with a synth i hadn't used in awhile. Always liked the part but never knew what to do with it. One day i was thinking of the part and then imagined the synth bass line over it and that was kind of the "a ha moment". Lyrically, as a native New Yorker I always love talking to people from all over the world who come to New York and really just fall in love with it and never want to leave, or if they lived here and left they always miss it."
Gershon is recording new material at the moment. "I also have some remixes and videos coming out in the next month or so. Robots With Rayguns and I did a collaboration on a track that will be on his next album which comes out in a few months," he said.
His music is inspired by a variety of things. "Obviously the music I have loved throughout my life and and my daily life experiences. One thing I really like to do to get fresh ideas is when I travel I only listen to local radio stations or stream radio stations from that city or country. If I have time i also do a bit of research and will make playlists of artists from that country. It's a great way to discover music I wouldn't normally be exposed to. I also find it helps me absorb my surroundings when I am in a new/different place," he said.
He is drawn to electro-pop music since he loves listening to how different artists arrange synthesizers.
On the digital transformation of the music industry, he said, "I didn't expect to 'meet' and collaborate with other artists who I haven't even spoken on the phone with and get results I was so happy with. Maybe I should call them?"
When asked how he uses technology in his daily life, he responded, "I try to find how I can use technology in almost everything I do whether its recording music, traveling, exercising, whatever. Like anyone my phone is a big part of that. I'm one of those people who is definitely attached to my phone way too much, however I see it as being efficient with my time. My home screen looks crazy with folders full of apps, my friends make fun of me when they see it. If I'm waiting in line for something, I can stand there and do nothing or I can catch up with friends, research something I am interested in, shop etc. I see it as turning garbage time into useful time."
For his fans, he concluded about his song "Like Paradise," "I wrote it about New York specifically but it could be about any city or anyone who loves their city and city lifestyle. That's part of the reason, while i do allude to New York City quite a bit, I don't actually mention New York in the lyrics."
Fans and listeners can check out "Like Paradise" on Soundcloud by clicking here.