Catching up with Dustin Lynch: Country Music's 'Small Town Boy' Special

Posted Jul 22, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Country star Dustin Lynch chatted with me about his latest radio single "Small Town Boy" and concert at Jones Beach, New York, on August 3.
Dustin Lynch
Dustin Lynch
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Regarding the success of his new single "Small Town Boy," Lynch said, "Oh my gosh. I was a huge fan of the song since day one. You can't dream up a scenario like I'm living right now with 'Small Town Boy.' It's one of those organic, huge things. We wake up every day and look up to the sky and say 'thank you for this one.' It is gigantic for us, and really changing our lives in a good way. So many people have been able to relate to it."
"I come from Tennessee, but this song means way more than that to me. It's about that true love. I think we all try to find that somebody who loves us for who we really are, and the comfort that you get from that," he said. "I'm still looking for that," he added, with a sweet laugh.
On his plans for the future, Lynch said, "The album is done finally. I have been working three years on it. The future is getting that out this fall, and we are touring with Brad Paisley, and we will be coming to Jones Beach with him. Brad is a guy that I grew up learning how to play guitar parts to. I studied his songwriting, bought tickets for his shows, and I would cover his songs at bars. It's amazing where life takes you."
He had nothing but the kindest words about playing at The Paramount on Long Island. "I love it," he said. "We may get to come back there again. We'll see."
Lynch opened up about the digital transformation of the country music scene. "I didn't predict that we would have international success like this from the streaming services so fast. I didn't realize how many walks of life would be so hungry for country music. We are seeing that happen quickly how that they have access to country music. That's so exciting for me," he said.
The country heartthrob is an avid user of technology himself. "I'm pretty much on my phone 24/7, whether it is email, or checking mixes or writing songs. We are connecting with fans and responding to people, and checking in to see what they are saying about our shows and our music. It's a great work tool to really stay on top of everything," he said.
His dream female collaboration choice in the music industry continues to be Reba McEntire, and he also praised Rihanna and Alessia Cara.
"Small Town Boy" is available on iTunes.