Op-Ed: James Otto's 'Soldiers & Jesus' is best song for Veteran's Day

Posted Nov 11, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Country singer James Otto has always been one of the most talented and underrated male vocalists in the country genre of music.
Country singer James Otto
Country singer James Otto
Kristin Barlowe
His single "Soldiers & Jesus" is one of his most compelling songs to date, and it is very appropriate for any patriotic holiday, especially "Veteran's Day" and "Memorial Day." Otto co-wrote this song with fellow songwriter Chris Wallin, and it is the fourth track featured on his Shake What God Gave Ya studio album.
"Well granddaddy came home in a B-52, in a pine box covered in red, white, and blue, he was one of the brave and the proud and the few, 21 guns helped us say goodbye," Otto sings, in the opening verse, immediately luring his listeners in this raw and authentic tune.
The bridge of the song is quite powerful as well: "To me there both heroes for the path that they chose, one fights for my life one fights for my soul."
The Verdict
James Otto knows how to tug at the heart with "Soldiers & Jesus," he has struck a chord with his country fans and listening audience. He is not afraid to display his vulnerability as a country recording artist. "Soldiers & Jesus" garners an A+ rating, and a standing ovation for Otto for being able to pay such a moving homage to the men and the women in our armed forces.
To learn more about country star James Otto, check out his official website.