'Rich Kids' social network site costs $1,100 to join

Posted Oct 13, 2016 by Owen Weldon
A day ago, Rich Kids launched. It's an exclusive social network site that offers people to use it, but for a price of $1,100.
Sascha Pohflepp (CC BY-ND 2.0)
The website's tagline is "being rich is boring when nobody sees you" and it costs $1,100 per month to use. People can join the service for free using their Facebook account, but only those who have paid can share content on the app.
Rich Kids is designed for kids who are wealthy and want to connect with other wealthy kids. On the site, it says if the price of membership is too high, then it's not for you.
As of now, Rich Kids is available in the iOS App Store and the idea behind the site is to give kids the chance to stand out in a social world that is overrun with users, which makes it hard for people to get notice. The site notes that being wealthy is boring when nobody sees you.
Rich Kids' mission statement reads that they wanted to create something different. They wanted something that allows their members to stand out and be visible in a meaningful and elegant way.
The social networking site's CEO, Juraj Ivan, does say it donates a third of each membership to the "education of poor kids."
This is not really a new idea. In 2014, someone tried to make a $9,000 "Facebook for Rich People" happen. Social1000 tried the same thing in 2008, and let's not forget the "I Am Rich" app.