Former secretary of state Powell, not Clinton, in real email flap

Posted Sep 17, 2016 by Marcus Hondro
While much of the brouhaha in the U.S. has been about Hillary Clinton using her own private email server while secretary of state, it's another former secretary of state, Colin Powell, having problems with compromised email. And he's having them now.
Hillary Clinton said handling government emails on a private server was "a mistake " but s...
Hillary Clinton said handling government emails on a private server was "a mistake," but stressed she had not improperly handled classified information
Brendan Smialowski, AFP
Powell: leaked emails
Like Clinton, Powell used a private server while serving as secretary of state. But his leaked email problems began last week when a slew of emails he sent in the recent past were published on the anonymous site DCLeaks. Now The Times of Israel, and other news sites, report Powell emails on the LobeLog foreign policy website.
His emails on LobeLog reveal information that is, as far as Israel is concerned, top secret. The country does not respond to questions about nuclear weaponry and has a policy referred to as 'nuclear ambiguity', neither confirming nor denying they have nuclear weapons.
However, that may be all for naught now if these emails can be believed. In an email from the Spring of 2015, Powell writes to friend Jeffrey Leeds (Powell sits on the board of the private equity firm Leeds founded) and brings up Israel's nuclear weapons stock.
Talking about Iran, Powell tells Leeds even were Iran able to get an atomic bomb he does not think they would use it. "The boys in Tehran know Israel has 200," Powell writes. "All targeted on Tehran, and we have thousands."
Clinton email scandal
Clinton's email controversy suggested that during her time as secretary of state four years later, emails sent from her server in her home in Chappaua, N.Y. home, had a potential to be compromised. However, in a report saying there are no grounds to lay charges against her, FBI Director James Comey said none were.
Comey said she did not behave criminally but was "extremely careless."
A Romanian hacker known as Guccifer who was extradited to the U.S. for hacking major officials in the country claimed he hacked Clinton but gave no proof and Comey later said Guccifer admitted to lying about it. Guccifer is serving 7 years in jail in his native Romania and will then serve 54 months in the U.S.
In one of the emails hacked from Powell's server he complained about Clinton and her team including him when they defended their use of a private email account by noting his having used one while the Republicans secretary of state. Powell's staff has declined to comment on the hacking of his emails.
Unsubstantiated reports say Russian hackers were responsible.