NBA News and Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins to Chicago Bulls?

Posted Aug 28, 2016 by Larry Seely
Its been a strange off season for the Chicago Bulls. On one hand they sent star point guard Derrick Rose to New York, but then turned around and signed free agent shooting guard Dwayne Wade, a move that makes one wonder what happens with Jimmy Butler?
There's no doubt this franchise is second fiddle to Cleveland and Toronto in the Eastern Conference and most NBA experts are picking Boston to also contend in the east this season, but the Bulls could change all that with a big trade and according to Fox Sports, that move could be on the table.
Several sources have reported that the front office for the team is looking to make a big move before the start of training camp and with Butler now available as a trade chip, rumors of a deal with Sacramento to add center DeMarcus Cousins have been generating a buzz on social media.
The reported deal could have the big man and Rudy Gay headed to the windy city, in exchange Butler, Robin Lopez, and Doug McDermott would head to Northern California, a deal that would change the look of both teams and change the landscape of the league for at least the next five years.
Forbes reported the team should be considered a serious contender, but without a solid NBA center in the paint, its a pipe-dream to believe this squad can earn a top two spot in the east next season, but if the trade rumors come true, this team could challenge for a title if they find the right chemistry and Cousins can learn to play team basketball.
While all eyes would be on Chicago if this happens, a closer look at the deal and one could see Sacramento would also be improved. The team would get much younger, a good proposition for a long-term success and the star power to keep the fans interested until this squad gels, making this a win-win for both franchises and a definite worry for the Cavaliers and their chances of capturing another title.