Review: Rock band Heart outstanding on new album 'Beautiful Broken' Special

Posted Jul 9, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Rock band Heart is back with their newest album, "Beautiful Broken," and it is an outstanding studio effort by two rock queens.
Beautiful Broken
Beautiful Broken
Heart official album cover art
It opens on a rocking and upbeat note with the spitfire title track "Beautiful Broken," which featured a cameo from James Hetfield from Metallica, who helps knock it out of the ballpark. It is followed by the poignant slow-moving ballad "Two," penned by Ne-Yo, where Nancy Wilson sings lead, and her voice is crystalline and angelic as ever.
Ann nails the ballad "Sweet Darlin'," which she was the sole writer, with her trademark pipes, while "I Jump" is lyrically and sonically impressive. "Heaven" is another power-ballad which is classic Heart. It continues with a new arrangement of "City's Burning."
They showcase their bluesy side on the sultry "Down On Me," and Nancy was the sole writer of "One Word," and she delivers an ethereal performance of this moving tune. It closes on a soothing note with "Language of Love," which is a tune that applies to the times that we are living in.
Fans can check out their new album by clicking here.
The Verdict
Overall, Ann and Nancy Wilson are amazing on their latest album, Beautiful Broken. They are like fine wine, where they only get better with age and experience. There is so much variety on this project, thus making it difficult to pick a favorite. This is a must for all fans of rock music and Heart. It earns 5 out of 5 stars.
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