Small fishing boat attacked by shark

Posted Feb 29, 2016 by Owen Weldon
Fishermen off the coast of New Zealand reported an encounter with a Great White Shark that repeatedly attacked their boat.
New Zealand
New Zealand
Tom Hall/Flickr
The Great White kept biting the boat's motor, and the incident was caught on video.
Frenchman Island was where the incident took place, and the footage shows the Great White Shark circling the men's boat and then attempting to bite the motor numerous times.
The footage was captured by Hamish Clarke, and the area where the shark was is popular place with anglers and divers. It is also located near scallop beds.
Clarke and his group were out on their boat fishing for bait for a competition that was coming up, but from out of nowhere a a Great White shark, estimated to be around 11 feet long, approached the 19-foot boat.
One of the men on the boat was able to touch the shark, but another man on the boat warned to be wary about touching the shark because it could bite off his hand.
The shark didn't stick around for too long. It circled the boat a few times and then left. Clarke said that the shark didn't frightened him because his boat was bigger than the shark. He did say he was taken back because of the area the shark was seen in, and in the past he has dived in those waters frequently.