Op-Ed: The future of flying — Delta’s dog passenger goes viral

Posted Feb 1, 2016 by Paul Wallis
He’s better behaved than most airline passengers. He’s well groomed, sanitary, sits up in his seat, and just happens to be a dog. Forget cattle class; the new step up is canine class.
Twitter/Nick Weathers
This drastic improvement in airline passengers comes to you by courtesy of Delta. The dog was travelling from Chattanooga to Atlanta, and caused an instant stir online as a flurry (a furry flurry, in fact) of Tweets twote their way around the world.
Delta were clear in their statement that their quadrupedal client definitely wasn’t just nothin’ but a hound dog to them. This was a bone fide, sorry, that’s bona fide, passenger. According to sources, what the dog was doing on the plane was unclear, but one would assume that this was a business trip.
From the onboard pics, the dog seems to be enjoying the flight, and, ironically, unlike many human passengers in recent years, wasn’t referred to as a flying furball or similar.
Actually, this is a logical development of humanity’s complex relationship with our canine colleagues. Dogs and cats have done a remarkable job of taming humanity, and getting it working for them. They want something, we sooner or later fetch it. If that includes air travel or space missions, it’s a perfectly natural evolution of roles over thousands of years.
Delta have provided for this inevitable upgrade with their Pet Travel Options. Whether or not they’ll wake up to the fact that dogs on planes are likely to be better business and much less trouble than people on planes is debatable.
Of course, there will need to be some adjustments for types of dog. VIP class could be replaced with Pomeranian/poodle class. Economy could be replaced with Bitzer class, and even include drinking bowls.
On the positive side, regular passenger class could be provided with onboard kennels, which would be a major improvement, particularly on long haul flights where one’s fragrant, exciting fellow passengers might be effectively incarcerated where they belong. It could even be the end of airline terrorism – Would you hijack a plane full of Rottweilers?
Note – Rumors that this was all Snoopy’s idea have not been confirmed.