Man orders Kindle eBook reader, receives tumor sample instead

Posted Jan 12, 2016 by Owen Weldon
An environmental consultant from Bristol was surprised to find a tumor sample instead of the Kindle eBook reader that he ordered.
FedEx 25kg Box
FedEx 25kg Box
Jacob B√łtter
James Potten, 37, said he received the FedEx package, and when he opened it up, instead of finding the reader, he found a box marked as patient tumor. Potten said he was shocked when he saw what was in the FedEx package.
The specimen was supposed to be sent to London's Royal Free Hospital.
Potten didn't open the box that the tumor was in, and he said he was worried about the contents. He contacted FedEx a few times because he wanted the mistake to be taken care of.
He said he assumed the package was very important and that it probably needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible.
FedEx eventually picked the package up and on Monday Potten did receive the delivery he was supposed to get in the first place.
FedEx commented on the mistake and said it regretted the error.
The package that was supposed to be sent to Potten contained the first five numbers, as well as the last three numbers as the tumor sample that was mistakenly sent to him.
Potten took to social media about the delivery mishap, and he did Tweet about his new Kindle.