FacePalm Friday: Man dangles from crane, refuses to come down

Posted Dec 11, 2015 by Owen Weldon
A few days ago, a man in Australia climbed hundreds of feet up a crane and clung from the top of it. At one point he was hanging by just his hands.
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The 21-year-old had a standoff with police and it lasted for about seven hours. Apparently, the unnamed man decided to climb the crane after a night out with his friends and family in Brisbane.
Police said the man and his friends separated after going out, and he somehow ended up on the crane located at a construction site.
As the man evaded attempts to bring him down, he kept saying he was going to keep on f*****g climbing.
During the standoff, the man slid down a cable and as rescue crews tried to approach him, he climbed right back up the crane.
The whole thing was captured on video, which shows the man hanging from the top of the crane and swinging himself from side to side.
Eventually the man gave up and came down, where police were waiting for him. However, he didn't give up easily because he resisted arrest.
He is now facing charges of possession of dangerous drugs, trespassing, willful damage, obstructing police and unauthorized high-risk activity.
Authorities said the man was undertaking risky behavior and climbing between wires and on different parts of the crane.