Gang rape of four-year-old child in Delhi under investigation

Posted Oct 12, 2015 by Karen Graham
A four-year-old child is in intensive care in a hospital in Delhi, India after being raped and sodomized, slashed with a knife and left for dead along a rail line. The brutal act is being investigated by police, however, there have been no arrests.
Slum area of northwest Delhi s Keshav Puram.
Slum area of northwest Delhi's Keshav Puram.
Delhi's deputy commissioner of police, Vijay Singh, told the BBC Indian police have detained two men for questioning, but no arrests have been made.
"We are questioning the men in our custody and trying to help the victim's father obtain best medical care for the child," Singh said, according to Reuters. Singh added that the victim lived in a slum with her parents, both working as day laborers.
According to the family, two girls who were with the little girl said some men by the railroad tracks lured the four-year-old close with an offer of a biscuit and some toffee. One of the men picked the child up in his arms and she was taken into the jungle nearby.
The incident occurred Friday night near the child's home in Keshav Puram, in northwest Delhi. Dr AK Rai, medical superintendent of Safdarjung Hospital, said the girl was brought in at around 8 p.m. after being referred from Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital.
"She was brought with cut marks all over her face and abdomen, her vagina and rectum both seriously injured. We had to perform a three-hour colostomy to provide an alternate opening for her to pass stool. Her colon will take time to recover and come back to normal functioning. A surgery to close the colostomy will be required later," Dr Rai told India Today.
New Delhi's NDTV is reporting the little girl has named her attackers, but they have yet to be picked up. The police also told reporters that attempted murder charges will also be filed against the men, now that the child is awake and able to give details on the assault.