Parrot that insulted elderly woman detained in India

Posted Aug 20, 2015 by Owen Weldon
Hariyal, a parrot from India, was detained after it hurled obscenities at an 85-year-old woman. The woman was his owner's stepmother.
This is Phoenix  the monk parakeet  and he is now almost four-years old.
This is Phoenix, the monk parakeet, and he is now almost four-years old.
Jordan Braico
The parrot was detained after the complaint was filed. Apparently the parrot was trained for two years by Suresh Sakharkar, its owner, to abuse his stepmother, Janabai.
Every time Janabai would walk by Sakharkar's home, the bird would insult her. A complaint was also lodged against Sakharkar. Sakharkar and Janabai are not living together because of a property dispute.
Janabai said that she complained to police on three occasions in the last two years. She said that the police called her, as well as Sakharkar and the parrot to the police station. Police then decided to seize the parrot.
Police said that the parrot didn't say anything while it was at the station. Police wanted to verify the woman's complaint. However, authorities couldn't imprison the parrot because there is no law on the books to allow it.
Instead of putting the parrot in jail, it was handed over to officials with the forest department.