Nick Tangorra Band talks Long Island show, One Direction cover Special

Posted Aug 9, 2015 by Markos Papadatos
Nick Tangorra of the Nick Tangorra Band chatted with Digital Journal about their latest concert on Long Island and their future plans.
Musical group Nick Tangorra Band
Musical group Nick Tangorra Band
Courtesy of Nick Tangorra Band
On August 8, they performed at the Landmark on Main Street in Port Washington on Long Island. "It was amazing to be back in our hometown of Long Island, NY, and see so many familiar faces that have been with us since we started this band about three years ago. As our success has grown and our music has taken us all over the country, we still always make it a point to come home and perform for the people that truly made all of this possible," Nick said.
Most recently, Nick Tangorra Band (comprised of Nick, guitarist Will Ahrens and brother Rafe Tangorra) covered One Direction's "Drag Me Down" on their YouTube channel, and their video has been well-received by fans and critics. "We're so blessed with how our cover of One Direction's 'Drag Me Down' is doing! All I know is that the minute I heard the song, I knew we had to cover it. So, I went ahead and booked the studio session with high hopes that Rafe and Will had an open schedule. Luckily they did. Kind of. We made it work. We got into the studio, recorded it, filmed it, edited it, posted it and the rest is simply history."
Regarding their plans for the future, the band will be working on a lot more music. "We wanted to tease you guys with our EP 'One Step Closer' which reached No. 19 on the iTunes pop charts, and now we're getting you all ready to hear the full album. Plus, there will be more music videos and of course more shows. Get ready!" they concluded.