Prostitute wants to be woman on $10 bill

Posted Jun 28, 2015 by Owen Weldon
A famous prostitute, Air Force Amy, from Nevada says she wants to be the first woman to be featured on the redesigned $10 bill.
American currency
American currency
Adrian Van Leen
Air Force Amy rose to fame after being featured on a HBO series about the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, which is a popular and legal brothel.
Air Force Amy, who is named for her service with the Air Force, said she should be featured on the new bill, which should be released in 2020.
Amy said "why not" and that America was the land of the free. She continued to say that the Treasury Department said they want the woman to be a a symbol of democracy, as well as for women's equality.
Amy said that she fought for her freedom in the Air Force and that she elevated women's power within the business to the level of six figure incomes and has helped them control their own destinies.
The chances of Amy making it onto the bill are slim to none, as of now, and that is because she is still alive. The government rules state that if a person appears on US currency, then they must be deceased.
Amy said that the bill isn't getting minted until 2020 and she may not make it that long. She said that people should go ahead and plan for her. She continued to say that if she is still alive in 2020, then she will give it to a secondary choice who is not around.