Amazon goes gender neutral in toy department by removing labels

Posted May 11, 2015 by Owen Weldon
The Online retail giant Amazon, has decided to remove the labels 'boys' 'toys' and 'girls' 'toys' from its search filters.
The box for an Amazon Kindle
The box for an Amazon Kindle
Flickr user Salvador Ausina
When consumers use Amazon, they will notice that they will not be able to use the search filters to look for toys based on age or the type of toy they are looking for. They will no longer be able to choose 'boy toys' or 'girl toys.'
However, the buttons can still be found right under the search bar. Also, the pages for the buttons are still alive, such as the girls section features dolls, crafts and pretend play, while the boys section features action figures, cars and so forth.
As of now, Amazon has not commented on the decision to get rid of the buttons. However, a number of equality campaigners and educationalists have noticed, with some saying that kids should be offered toys that are not aimed at just one sex.
Fiona Boxley-Lang, who is an educational psychologist, said that it is not necessary to categorize boys and girls toys. She continued to say that they are only stereotyping too early on, and that during the early years, it's important that there is a range of toys available so that kids of both sexes can play with both types of things.
It's worth noting that Amazon Canada still includes the search filters, while Amazon UK does not.