Centenarian located alive beneath earthquake rubble

Posted May 4, 2015 by Nate Smith
A 101-year-old man was pulled Saturday from the scattered rubble of his former house, nearly a week after a devastating earthquake struck Gorkha, Nepal, leaving thousands dead.
Rescuers use stretchers to carry the injured at Everest Base Camp  after an earthquake triggered ava...
Rescuers use stretchers to carry the injured at Everest Base Camp, after an earthquake triggered avalanche crashed through parts of the base camp killing 18 people, April 26, 2015
Roberto Schmidt, AFP/File
However, Funchu Tamang will not be counted among the death toll, after his weekend rescue from beneath his destroyed residence.
He's currently hospitalized, receiving treatment from minor only injuries, according to authorities in Nepal.
A police official there described the man's injuries as minor, and said Mr. Tamang remains in stable condition with only minor injuries to his ankle, and that his family is by his side.
Three other women were located about the same time, only a day or so after the Nepal government had officially ruled out finding any more survivors from the 7.8 magnitude April 25 earthquake that has left some 7,000 people dead and thousands more without adequate food or shelter.
Authorities expect the death toll to continue to climb as volunteers of search and rescue teams from nearly two dozen countries comb through the rubble.
Complicating matters still, delivery of relief aid as well as the arrival of additional teams of volunteers has been slowed by inadequate space and runway availability at the Nepal airport, which was actually forced to close Sunday for a time,before it eventually reopened.