UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, wanted by police

Posted Apr 27, 2015 by Owen Weldon
On Monday the Albuquerque police department issued an arrest warrant for the UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Jon 'Bones' Jones.
Jones answers a question from UFC host Joe Rogan
Jones answers a question from UFC host Joe Rogan
John Lucero
The felony arrest warrant was issued on Monday, but the police department offered Jones to turn himself in.
The warrant was issued after Jones was accused of being involved in an accident, which left a pregnant woman hospitalized with minor injuries. The fighter allegedly ran from the scene of the crash, but quickly returned to grab a large handful of money from the vehicle before leaving the scene again, according to witnesses.
The accident occurred in southeastern Albuquerque on Sunday afternoon. A driver of a rented SUV ran a red light, and then the driver, whom was identified as Jones by an off-duty police officer, ran from the scene.
When officers searched the vehicle that Jones was allegedly driving, they found a pipe with marijuana in it, as well as MMA and rental car documents, which were in his name.
The UFC released a statement saying it is gathering facts and will comment when more information is available.
Jones, who is 21-1, is scheduled to fight Anthony 'Rumble' Johnson in about a month, in Las Vegas. The bout is headlining UFC 187, one of the UFC's biggest promotions of the year.