Review: Martina McBride and Sara Evans honor Dolly Parton with 'Jolene'

Posted Apr 19, 2015 by Markos Papadatos
Country songstresses Martina McBride and Sara Evans honor country queen Dolly Parton with their superb rendition of "Jolene."
Country star Martina McBride
Country star Martina McBride
Kristin Barlowe
McBride and Evans performed the tune as part of the "CMA Songwriters Series" at Front and Center. They were accompanied on acoustic guitar and fiddle.
Evans belted out the first verse of "Jolene" and McBride nailed her vocal parts. The songstresses harmonized well with each other and the ending by Sara Evans was absolutely incredible. They were able to breathe fresh life into this country classic, while simultaneously staying tribute to their country roots. Dolly Parton would be smiling upon their stellar version.
Throughout their careers, both McBride and Evans claimed the "Top Female Vocalist" titles by the Academy of Country Music (ACM).
The Verdict
Overall, Martina McBride and Sara Evans were flawless on "Jolene." These two women prove that they only get better with age. It garners an A rating.