Police in town in New Hampshire awarding good behavior

Posted Mar 4, 2015 by Owen Weldon
In the town of Farmington, New Hampshire, the police have been handing out different types of tickets, as a way to award good behavior.
Police siren.
Police siren.
fazen via Flickr
Officers have been taking the streets and issuing different kinds of citations. Some of the citations they have been handing out are for free pizza and french fries.
Chief John Drury said that they are not only looking for those who are violating their laws, but they are looking for those who are following the law, doing things such as driving properly, using crosswalks, as well as using turn signals.
The police department thought it would be nice to do something to make people happy, as they have been getting through a tough winter.
Cops are not handing out the gift cards via pulling people over with lights sirens, as they are handing them out safely. The gift cards can be used at a local restaurant, Crowley's Variety & Grill.
The restaurant refused to accept the police chief's offer to pay for the cards, out of his own pocket, and the restaurant decided to donate all of the cards.
The police department will continue handing out the tickets until the end of March. However, if everything goes well, then the department may consider doing it again in the future.