Snow-free roof leads to marijuana bust

Posted Feb 14, 2015 by Owen Weldon
In the Netherlands, some cannabis growers were arrested after neighbors noticed that their roof had no snow on it, which was due to the lamps heating their marijuana plants.
A tweeted photo by Police Delft in the Netherlands showing a grow-up s roof
A tweeted photo by Police Delft in the Netherlands showing a grow-up's roof
Via Police Delft
The heat from the lamps ended up melting the snow that was on the occupants' roof. The surrounding houses' roofs were covered in snow.
Once police entered the property, they discovered an industrial-scale cultivation of cannabis, as well as the heat lamps that were being used to nurture the pots.
After the raid took place, which was about two weeks ago, police tweeted the photo of the home to serve as a warning to other pot growers. The photo was accompanied with the caption "Look in your district to your rooftops. No snow? Possible #cannabis."
The plants were destroyed after being uprooted and the farm was dismantled, according to Independent.
This is not the first time police used this technique. A few weeks ago, police in Zutphen raided a cannabis farm, and found 88 plants growing in a bedroom.
The Netherlands is known for liberal cannabis laws, but it is forbidden to grow more than five cannabis plants in a home. Those who carry more than five grams can be arrested, if they are carrying it in a public place.