RCMP reports of perilous trap found at high-school in Richmond

Posted Feb 11, 2015 by Milad Doroudian
A dangerous trap constructed out of nails was found yesterday at the Steveston-London Secondary school, which had the authorities and staff on alert.
The trap has been devised in such a manner that when the plastic bearing is set down, by an unsuspecting individual or animal, the nails shoot up out of the base.
It was discovered yesterday, February 8th, around 2 p.m. by a student. No one was harmed.
Corporal Denis Hwang, part of the investigation led by the Richmond RCMP said: "It was purposely concealed with grass and placed in a busy foot traffic area."
The discovery led to the diffusion of officers and parent volunteers who searched the entire high-school area, as well as the surrounding parts.
"It’s the safety of the people and pets that use this area that concern us. If you come across any similar traps in any schools or parks, please contact police. Do not remove or disturb the trap."
In 2013, the National Post reports that a dog was hooked to a booby smeared with meat products that was specifically set up to attract animals.
Only this year, in January, a woman was arrested for placing traps along mountain bike trails in North Vancouver.
The current investigation led by Constable Thomas Boyce has set out to find the individual, or individuals, responsible for this, in what is another case of terrible mischief that has plagued the lower mainland in the last few years.