Tim Hortons says sorry for dumping water, soaking homeless man

Posted Feb 9, 2015 by Marcus Hondro
Tim Hortons has apologized and will try to make amends to a homeless man who was humiliated by an employee of a downtown Vancouver location on Friday morning. The man dumped a bucket of water at the man and his belongings, soaking him.
A row of Tim Hortons coffee cups are lined up for customers at Penn Station in New York
A row of Tim Hortons coffee cups are lined up for customers at Penn Station in New York
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On Sunday Michelle Robichaud, the manager for public relations and social media for Tim Hortons, said the company will conduct an internal investigation and she apologized on behalf of the popular Canadian chain via an email sent out to media.
“The regretful actions in a moment of frustration at one of our Vancouver locations is not at all reflective of our brand and restaurant owner values," she wrote. "On behalf of Tim Hortons we sincerely apologize. This owner is committed to personally apologizing and making amends with this individual. He will also be making a meaningful donation to Belkin House, a local Vancouver shelter.”
Ms. Robichaud did not identify the male who dumped the water in such a way as to soak the homeless person (not directly on him, however). Other than referencing the "moment of frustration" the man was experiencing that precipitated his actions, Ms. Robichaud did not elaborate on what caused him to dump the water. She referred to him as an "owner."
Tim Hortons Facebook campaign
A woman whose friend saw the water dumped at the homeless man, his dog and belongings, posted on Facebook about the incident. Arianne Nicole Summach called for a Tim Hortons boycott; her posting was seen by thousands and shared by many of them:
"CALLING A BOYCOTT: The manager of TIM HORTONS on Robson and Richards, literally just dumped a very large bucket of water all over a homeless man (and all his worldly belongings, cardboard bed included), for sitting out front of the shop. He was sleeping when it happened. I can't believe how disgusting some people are! Please share."
Her post appears to have worked.