Fake orgy plot helps 28 inmates escape from Brazil jail

Posted Feb 8, 2015 by Owen Weldon
28 inmates at a prison in Brazil escaped after three women in dominatrix costumes tricked guards into thinking they were going to have an orgy.
Andrew Bardwell
The three women walked up to the Nova Mutum public prison, where they convinced three guards to allow them inside for role play and drinking at 3AM, last Thursday.
According to Inquisitr, the guards eventually left their posts after they were promised an orgy. However, the guards ended up having their whiskey spiked and were stripped naked and handcuffed. The guards keys were stolen, and the women unlocked all of the jail cells.
Whoever wanted to escape left via the front door.
Angelina de Andrades Ferreira, the police chief, said that the plan was to seduce the guards. She continued to say that the whiskey they were served contained some substance, which knocked them out, and from, the moment they drink the alcohol, they don't remember anything. One guard was found dizzy and trying to wake up, while another one slept the entire afternoon.
She also said that the inmates stole three shotguns, as well as two 28 caliber revolvers and ammunition. Ferreira said that Bruno Amorim, the boyfriend of an inmate, hatched up the plan. Amorim's girlfriend was serving time for robbery, attempted murder and possession of firearms.
The three guards were arrested and now they face charges, including facilitating a jailbreak and culpable embezzlement.
As for the escapees, eight out of 28 have be recaptured.