Obama wants to repeal the Bill of Rights?

Posted Jan 29, 2015 by Alex Allen
Should we repeal the Bill of Rights? Several blissfully ignorant Americans in this video seem to be okay with the idea, so long as it's in the name of fighting against terrorism.
Constitution of the United States
Constitution of the United States
U.S. National Archives
Do these Americans really want to repeal the Bill of Rights or do they even know what the Bill of Rights is? It's hard to tell as YouTuber, author and social commentator Mark Dice walks around the beach in California asking random people whether or not they believe we should get behind President Obama's "repeal" of the Bill of Rights. Of course, the stories he tells in his video about the president announcing a repeal of the Bill of Rights are completely fabricated but the seemingly ignorant public doesn't seem to realize that.
"They don't ever agree on anything so if they're agreeing on something maybe it's a good thing," one woman said after Dice told her that the repeal of the Bill of Rights was being supported by both Democrats and Republicans. One woman decided not to even continue the interview, citing the fact that she had been drinking.
Only one person featured in the video was against the repeal of the Bill of Rights. "Repeal the Bill of Rights? Absolutely not. That's crazy," said a woman who was featured at the end of Dice's video.
Dice has done several "man on the street" videos similar to this, in which he asks off-the-wall questions to get candid reactions and responses from a seemingly ignorant American public. He once got people to sign a petition to put carcinogens in the water supply and on another occasion he got people to believe that the Holocaust is a Jewish beach party.
Dice has well over 300,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and he is the author of several books about the Illuminati and New World Order.