Islamic State video shows beheading of Japanese hostage

Posted Jan 24, 2015 by Sami Zaatari
Reports are emerging that one of the Japanese hostages being held by the Islamic State has been beheaded in a video released by the militant group.
An image grab taken off a video on January 20  2015  reportedly released by the Islamic State (IS) g...
An image grab taken off a video on January 20, 2015, reportedly released by the Islamic State (IS) group through Al-Furqan Media
-, Al-Furqan Media/AFP/File
The Maryland based SITE Intel group which monitors extremist groups posted a series of Tweets reporting the death of one of the two hostages, Haruna Yukawa.
Speaking on the reports of the beheading, Yoshihide Suga, Japan's chief cabinet secretary, said the beheading was an abominable act of unforgivable violence.
Japanese officials say they are continuing to investigate the video to confirm whether its content is authentic, with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also condemning the video.
The Islamic State had originally released a video on Tuesday showing the two Japanese hostages, 47-year old Kenji Goto, a journalist, and 42-year old Haruna Yukawa. The militant group issued a 72-hour deadline for the Japanese government to pay a ransom of $200 million for the release of the hostages with the deadline being passed.
In the reported video, Kenji Goto who is still being held by the group, is seen to be pleading for his life, calling on the Japanese government to secure his release. Goto's mother has also made a public address calling for the release of her son, and imploring the Islamic State to show mercy.
Japanese officials have not officially said anything on whether they would pay a ransom for the hostages.