Boy survives Peshawar school attack due to a faulty alarm clock

Posted Dec 20, 2014 by James Walker
A ninth-grader who attended the school in Peshawar that was the scene of a brutal Taliban attack earlier this week survived because of the faulty alarm clock used by his family, it has emerged.
Dawood Ibrahim  the sole survivor in his class saved by his faulty alarm clock from a Taliban attack...
Dawood Ibrahim, the sole survivor in his class saved by his faulty alarm clock from a Taliban attack on the Peshawar Army Public School.
The Express Tribune
Taliban gunmen opened fire on teachers and students at the Army Public School in Peshawar early on Tuesday morning. They left behind 148 dead, 132 of whom were children. Many others were made hostage for several hours after the initial attack.
An incredible amount of luck saved 15 year old Dawood Ibrahim from the fate that met many of his young peers though. The faulty family alarm clock failed to ring and wake him, causing him to be late leaving his home. What must have originally seemed unlucky ended up saving his life as he was forced to skip school for the day.
He is the sole survivor from his class and has been reportedly been left speechless, showing no emotion and opting to silently attend the funerals of his friends. His elder brother Sufyan Ibrahim told the Express Tribune that the family had attended a wedding the previous night, making them tired and leading Dawood to oversleep in the morning. While you may use more precise alarm clock software on a computer or phone, the Ibrahim family rely on an ageing faulty unit. For once, its failure to ring has been a positive thing that almost certainly saved the life of Dawood on Tuesday.
Police failed to take control of the situation for more than four hours after the attack began while distraught parents waited outside. Prime minister Nawaz Sharif described the massacre as a "national tragedy" before leaving the capital Islamabad to go on an emergency visit to Peshawar and the scene of the tragic incident. Many foreign leaders have condemned the unprovoked attack and sent condolences to the victims as the Taliban again open fire on the most innocent in society.