Woman, 28, guilty of phoney home invasion to get rid of parents

Posted Dec 13, 2014 by Marcus Hondro
A jury in Newmarket, Ont. took four days to deliberate but in the end it did not help Jennifer Pan or her co-accused. All four were found guilty in a murderous plot intended to look like a home invasion. Pan's mother died, her father was badly wounded.
Pan, 28, and three others, were found guilty of both first-degree murder and attempted murder. The prosecution said she hired a gang of men to kill her parents because they said she must choose between them and her drug dealing former-boyfriend, Daniel Wong, whom she had known since high-school.
Along with Pan and Wong, Lenford Crawford and David Mylvaganam were also found guilty. Another man, Eric Carty, will be tried separately in the case because his lawyer came down with a serious illness during the proceedings.
The November 2010 attack on Pan's parents in their home left her mother, 53-year-old Bieh Ha Pan, shot dead; the woman's father, Hann Pan, 60, survived the attack but was left with a serious head wound.
The CBC News reported that Ms. Pan "dropped her head and looked down in silence" as the guilty verdicts were read out loud in the courtroom, then "sobbed." The National Post said that later she "wept into a tissue before being led away in shackles."
Accused daughter claimed innocence
She maintained her innocence throughout the trial, claiming that yes, men were hired in a murder plot but that the target of the plot was only her father, who she said controlled her life. But she claims that she changed the target to herself, telling the men she'd decided she wanted to die and her father was not to be harmed.
And even that plot, Pan said, she called off, and allegedly an $8,500 cancellation fee was settled upon.
When the men attacked her parents home she was there. She was tied up but not seriously harmed. Neither Crawford or Wong were part of the attack on the home but the jury found them guilty of being a part of the plot.
“She’s absolutely in shock,” Pan's lawyer, Paul Cooper, told reporters after the nine-month trial was over. “For her it’s been exhausting, for everybody involved, it’s been a long, long trial.” He added that she was "devastated."
First-degree murder carries with it a life sentence with no chance of parole for 25 years. Sentencing will be on Jan. 23.