Op-Ed: Is the Toronto Star covering the Jian Ghomeshi scandal too much?

Posted Dec 11, 2014 by Marcus Hondro
Is it me, or has the Toronto Star beat that proverbial dead horse into the ground with stories about Jian Ghomeshi? A recent lauding of a photo of the former 'Q' host taken by one of theirs is a case is point. It seems they write about him almost daily.
The atrium of the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto.
The atrium of the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto.
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The Star and Jian Ghomeshi
They've spoken to a woman whose bum he grabbed when they were 16 and a man whose crotch he squeezed at York University at 18. They even talked to a woman he did nothing to, who gabbled about how in retrospect she's not surprised by it all. And today they ran a story about Ghomeshi the narcissist.
But now hear this: Mr. Ghomeshi's metaphorical corpse was dumped in the trash bin outside the CBC's home at 250 Front Street quite a while ago and much of this is overkill.
I get it that we do love scandals in Canada but the Star should remember that we love them for a while and then want them to go away. We get tired of one scandal and need another to take its place, thank you very much. Let the sensational newsy element take a hike and allow the real repercussions, here it's a recognition of sexual abuse in our culture, to continue on.
Now it is true that a scandal can come along and then disappear and return. That's happened with Justin Bieber, many times, but even then it eventually loses all cache, and our interest. Who reads about the Biebs now?
But the Ghomeshi story has already had a second life, and beyond. After all, it was Oct. 26 when he was fired, followed by a whirlwind of revelations, daily ones, many coming from the Star, before it all quieted down.
Then a few weeks later he dropped his suit against the CBC and the following day charges were announced and the story was hot again. Then he appeared in court with his very serious-demeanored lawyer, Marie Henein. But that died down and we're now waiting for Jan. 8, his next court appearance. Most of us are fine with waiting because we welcome a break from the constant scandalous bleatings about Jian doing this, Jian having done that.
Last story about Jian Ghomeshi this year
But not the Star. No, the Star isn't taking any breaks or waiting for Jan. 8th. Recently we've had a report from the paper's go-to Ghomeshi guy, Kevin Donovan, that Ghomeshi was able to book acts he wanted on Q and he would often book musicians who shared the same agent and lawyer as he, without telling his audience.
And then there was something about the CBC accepting $5,000 from Warner Music to use to send Ghomeshi down to L.A. to interview their act, Tom Petty. That one actually sounds rather petty.
Here's this: how about we designate this story to be the last Ghomeshi story until that next court date next year. Don't read another until then because if you don't then perhaps media will stop writing about him. If it works we could actually go a month or so without a Jian Ghomeshi story.
You hear that, Toronto Star?
I know we ought to be grateful they nailed him, he needed nailing. They were on this like a beard on Santa — needed a Christmas reference for SEO content — and it cannot be denied the end result is a needed examination of sexual assault in our country. So kudos to Kevin Donovan, freelancer Jesse Brown, and the Star. They made the whole thing tick.
But too much of a good thing is, well, too much of a good thing. So how about even a week off, guys?