Mickey Rourke returns to boxing in Russia at 62 and wins

Posted Nov 29, 2014 by Armando Tamayo
Mickey Rourke returned to his boxing career at 62 years old in Moscow Friday night — beating a younger opponent, 29 year old American boxer Elliot Seymour.
Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler
In a comeback performance and role, Mickey Rourke plays a tired and lonely wrestler in the aptly titled The Wrestler
Courtesy of Fox Searchlight
The Hollywood actor, wearing red trunks with the Russian flag, sent Seymour twice to the canvas with a barrage of punches in the second round, before the bout was stopped by the referee, according to the news story in USA Today.
The exhibition boxing match is set for five rounds, with the first four rounds made up of two and half minutes each. The fifth round is set for four minutes.
Rourke appeared prior to the match wearing turquoise shorts and cowboy hat — showing his toned physique, with tanned and tattoo body, to the cheer of the crowd, at the weigh in at 179.2 pounds (81.3 kilos).
"I'm very happy to be back in the boxing ring. Thank God for letting me do this", he said to the press, as quoted in BBC.
Seymour is currently ranked 256th in America, with nine loses and 1 win by knockout, in 10 fights.
Rourke was an amateur boxer before becoming a Hollywood actor, becoming a sex symbol in movies like 9 1/2 weeks. He returned to boxing as a professional in the 1990s, and was undefeated in eight bouts, with two draws and six wins.
In 2008, he starred as a washed up wrestler in "The Wrestler", where he won a Golden Globe for best actor. In 2010, he played a Russian villain physicist and ex-convict Ivan Vanko in Marvel Studios' Iron Man 2.
The Oscar-nominated actor is a frequent visitor in Russia and has been linked to Russian model Anastassija Makarenko.